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Let's not forget engineers and college professors, too.

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from "Personalities," in November 27, 1990, _Washington Post_:

	Parker Bros., the famous gamemaker, must have thought it had
	something new and "liberated" when it came out with a new board
game called Careers for Girls, but then Susan Engeleiter, administrator
of the Small Business Administration got hold of it.  And  it's not her
idea of a Christmas present for young girls.  She chided the firm for what
she termed "insensitivity to modern realities" in that the game has  only
six "careers" to choose from:  super mom, schoolteacher, rock star,
fashion designer, college graduate, and animal doctor.

	Noting that women-owned businesses have been the fastest-growing
	segment of the small business community, Engeleiter said she was
amazed the game didn't include such careers as business executives,
government leaders, astronauts, scientists or moms without the prefix
"super."  "Parker Brothers is sending the wrong message to young girls,"
she said.  "Even Barbie dolls come with business suits these days."  Then
she added, "I am raising my daughter to believe there are no limits on
career choices for women.  If the Parker 'Brothers' were the Parker
'Sisters' this game would never have passed 'Go.'"

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