Old Web-heads, Part 3

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One to visit before lunch

Get your vote in soon!

I'd become a sponsor if it was tax deductable

Here are some pages of people who need real lives

When you get in tune with the music, you can believe almost anything

I can't help it -- I love Microsoft, too.

Some people have too much free time and too much technology at their disposal

Some things even I would not do in the name of science...

If you read too many of these pages

Everyone needs a hobby, but really....

Political expression at its best

I don't want to see any of you send these people after me

It's about time scientists got serious about this

If you like my postings to this list, then you are probably familiar with the films of this company. (Be sure to check out all the listings at http://www.troma.com/movguide.html)

Celebrity is hard to fathom

If you like cheese...

More wince factor

Religion and drugs don't mix

Drugs and the WWW don't mix, either.

There are some things I could be happy not having experienced, thank you.

No, I'm not a sexist pig -- I thought it was owls!

The owls in the previous URL use this -- don't wake them or you spoil the effect.