Old Web-heads, Part 2

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If you really do drive nude, visit this site

Here's an example of someone with too much time on their hands creating a WWW page

They suck, but at least they admit it... A dubious recommendation at best

Anagrams with carcaitures

I got some of these for my uncle last Christmas. His garden club still talks about him with a tinge of awe.

Yes, it's true.... there is a Hoosier Llama Association....

Oddly, I'm not listed

These are really nifty, and I don't mind not being listed

Well, "Eugene" is the 80th most common male name, and "Spafford" is the 15335th most common last name (out of 88799)

The Doctor cured my fixation

Rules to live by

"This page still looks just as crappy in the latest version of Netscape" - Walter Miller

Be certain to follow the links for both fast and slow browsers, and read the text carefully

This solves a problem I've been worrying about for some time now

Sometimes, imagination fails me

A great American hero now on the net

As an american, I proud to say we beat Canada by a landslide.

How about some twisted tunes?

I smell a lawsuit

(this link may be broken)

Gee, I bet several of you are sorry you missed this

Heck, let's hop in the car and go! (Those of you outside North America should probably fly to the US first)

And, in time for Groundhog Day (Feb 2)

Check out the Bob Dole and Bill Gates ones, in particular

Some people's pets have too much free time on their hands....

Makes me wonder what it takes to be #1

Well, the approach is unique

Ever think that WiReD is just a little too net.savvy and pretentious for it's own good? Meet someone who agrees

I always wondered how they tested it....

It's nice to have a life's ambition

(this link may be broken)

Somehow, I don't think I'd want to use their dating service...

Time travel exists, but only if you are plotting nuts.

Be sure to check out all the links leading from pages at

My kind of vacation spot

Pardon me for asking, but what is the difference between "...lay and professional groups" in this particular discipline?

Yeah, but do I have to be dead first?

Romance at its best for Valentine's Day

Now this is minimalism at its best!

Wow! Almost as real as being there!

They can test *this* over the WWW? What kind of Java applet do they use?

Is she wearing a tire? I don't get it....

Hmm... I don't think that Internet commerce is quite ready for this yet....

So this what they do with all those freshman programs!

Cat abuse

If women in leather beheading people with swords is yout ticket, here you go

Well, in a way I'm glad it didn't happen -- we probably would have been arrested

Things they never taught you in History 101

Former title: My Friend Flicka

Just in case you are planning on taking a Zero-G trip any time soon

I don't think that the world is quite ready for this yet...

You really need to read this

This wasn't quite what I meant by "More T&A on the WWW"

The World's Worst page

First the home shopping network, now this?

No thanks, I'll wait for the Spaf version....

Use your imagination, but be nice

Now here's an interesting hobby. Too much free time and all that...

Well, one way to counter the bald spot in my on-line photo

This is a line of research I'd be interested in pursuing, given the right colleagues...turn the "Art" into "Science" perhaps?

The title is more interesting than the contents

I wonder if George Goble know about this one?

Somehow I think this guy's job description is "Fruit Cake." Here is his story

Be the first on your block!! Get one NOW!

So, how many of you have a pair of these?

I may have mentioned this before, but it is worth visiting again, after you get back from visiting the aliens

(this link may be broken)

I'm not quite sure what the point is to this but it must be true if it is on the WWW

(this link may be broken)


Death of the WWW imminent!

Can I buy a vowel to spell "barf"?

Reminds me of an old girlfriend

Netscape is gaining on Microsoft

This guy has too much free time ...

Moral: people who see ghosts lose the ability to spell

My idea of a perfect afternoon

Want to belong to a fringe organization? Wear the hat with pride!

This one makes me feel really smart...

The homepage pregnancy test!

This was described in the latest issue of Newsweek. You can help register your vision of "beauty" for a psychological study.

Would this be allowed under the CDA?

Imagine war has broken out..."" A bit too much melodrama to introduce the topic, don't you think?

I especially like the warning "do not use on others without their consent."

If you buy some of the products at the above, protect yourself from side-effects

And I thought the Accountant's Hall of Fame was a bit fringe....

No, none of those are mine (thank heavens!).

Anybody else entering?

Well, if I wasn't married, I might respond.

The answer is yes, but I'd rather not continue.

From the "you know you're bored when..." department

Hmm, the site seems to have gone down too

(this link may be broken)

What is the presence of the sexy model supposed to evoke?

(this link may be broken)

Be still, my beating heart! Some of you ladies want your names submitted?

Some people have entirely too much free time....

This is kinda strange, so you should like it

When you simply must know the opcode for add on the NS 32032

And I have an Erdos number of 2, if you are interested...

There are dozens of odd things via this one, and it is at Purdue!

Why wasn't advice like this available when I was single?

True geek porno -- funny, too.

I became ordained 23 years ago. You can too, or get your D.D.:

Yum yum!

It takes a while to load, but is worth it. Sort of.