Old Web-heads, Part1

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Here's an example of subtle marketing.

And this is very helpful

(this link may be broken)

You never know when you might need this one

The message is hidden

Be sure to see this web page for info on the Internet

Amazing what you can do with a color scanner

(this link may be broken)

Build self-esteem!

It could be true!

You can get it all on the WWW, and then some

This is the place where I buy all my rubber chickens.

Now this is an unusal gift.

They're out to get the author of this page.

The things people will do on the Internet. In particular, look at "What People Have Said Recently"

Ivan says, "Check these out"

Maybe we should try this :-)

Isn't modern technology wonderful?

Video Fantasy! Live Nude Video Conferencing!

I just find these on other pages. Honest. I don't think there is a theme here....

Just what I needed, Hooter's Girls trading cards!

Can you say "dysfunctional"?

This needs a label

A strange gift for everyone

Damned if I know what this one is. Anybody know?

Now this is up-close and personal

Yet another novel gift idea

(this link may be broken)

And now, several new takes on the phrase "feminine protection"

A set of connected pages. You have to explore some of the hidden (but obvious) links to get the full effect

Place your vote :-) Better than Congress, I think.

What I love about the WWW is that anyone, no matter how specialized his or her point of view might be, can publish a WWW page

(this link may be broken)

This is a great page. Read it carefully and you'll see why.

This is also good.

Some people have...

More free time

Just what I need

(this link may be broken)

And the guy is a Purdue grad!

No particular reason, but these go together somehow.

One of the lovely things about the Web is the fascinating little insights it gives you into the everyday episodes of people's lives.

Here is a great page to test your browser

Stuck for an idea for a birthday gift?

A novel idea for an on-line journal

Sort of a reminder of grad school housing....

Someday soon, maybe I'll be listed here...

Some people have too much free time on their hands...

This should answer all your questions...

Another reason not to wear them.

20 years ago I became an ordained minister. Now you can too

Spell it or peel it

Some people don't know what "private" means.

No title.

Some people need to find better hobbies.

Tell me what happens.

Why I love C.

More gift giving

Not in good taste, but tastes good

(this link may be broken)

Need that perfect Christmas or birthday gift that says something special?

The WWW has potential few have dared tap

And a dozen of these, too

Of course, I got the bullet on the first try

Christmas gifts for that special someone

How many people are really going to order joy jelly via the WWW?

I may not sit for a week

This is how I write recommendation letters

It really is Booger County

(this link may be broken)

Welcome to the Net


What is it about the WWW that causes so many bizarre pages on topics like this one?

Better than greggib, but not by much

Another person who needs a life

I kinda like it. But is it art?

It's not a condition, it's a fad

History of the neat people

The result of undiagnosed head trauma

About that open faculty position....

How come this isn't in the Purdue Libraries reference pages?

But I thought Jayne was female?

You come up with a caption for this one

See the onlne catalog button about 2/3 of the way down the page. Also note that they will have a booth at the Consumer Electronics Show. I can see it now -- a booth displaying the "PES Electro Butt Plug" next door to the Mr. Coffee booth....

Some of the menu items defy description, but they tried anyhow.

Good thing they're "Precision" -- and in Chicago, too!

(this link may be broken)

I've often wanted to make a page like this....

Gee, I didn't qualify this year....

Sort of like Galileo is still making a statement...

On the Internet, no one can tell you're a dog

You really have to be bored for this to be a hobby

An example of bad color choice. The topic is pretty odd, too

Know any economists?

Because you know me, you might be a candidate

For those of you who didn't find the Villlage Pople page or the New Kids on the Block pages too horrifying

Tops on my list of museums to see when in town

If any of you find this page useful, I don't want to know about it

What is with these sites?

Which is scarier, that he is still alive, or that he's selling his CDs on the WWW?

And the WWW is supposed to provide us education and science?

I'm not quite sure what it is, but I don't want to find out.

"I realized I am not my cleavage" and other wisdom

I actually have the album from about 25 years ago.

This one is actually rather amusing

Well, this could also help prevent nasty burns when you're driving naked, but do they emphasize the safety aspect? No

How come Purdue doesn't have attractions like this?

Are these guys still alive? Why?

These guys are cutting into my turf.