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About Yucks

The Yucks digest is a moderated list of the bizarre, the unusual, the possibly insane, and the (usually) humorous. Spaf issues these digests on a random basis, as the whim and time present themselves.

Yucks is directly mailed to several thousand people around the world; it is undoubtedly remailed to many more thousands of vicarious yucksters. What effects this may have on global warming, world peace, or the price of rubber goods in Diego Garcia, we do not know. Undoubtedly, the entropy of all the Universe is a little bit greater as a result of Yucks, and that's probably as it should be.

Contributing to Yucks

Please contribute to the digest as you see fit. If you run across something odd or bizarre, e-mail it in. It may find its way into the Digest if it strikes Spaf the same way. Note that the material in Yucks is not always funny (some people think it seldom is, but hey, they probably take life seriously too), and sometimes it meanders into the realms of the mildly obscene or really twisted. The hope is that you find that Yuck-able. Spaf doesn't publish everything people send to him, and you should be glad of that, although you may never know why...and you should be glad of that too. Remember, the decision of our judges is final.

Spaf always tries to credit the original author(s) of anything published in Yucks, unless otherwise requested. If you send in material, please try to point out the original sources. If you reuse material from Yucks and publish it to your own mailing lists, we ask you do the same -- respect the effort put into at least the typing and creativity expended to create the article. You don't need to credit Yucks as the source: you can appear to be incredibly witty and perverse. Or credit it if you wish. Just remember to credit the original authors.

If you have something to contribute to the list, send it to <>. Send all requests, fan mail, and old fish to the same address.

Subscribing to Yucks

The list continues to grow. If there are people you regularly forward Yucks postings to, let Spaf know and he will be happy to add them to the list. That way, they can get fresh, unadulterated yucks, just like in the old days when they lived on the farm (the funny farm, that is).

If your e-mail address changes, please register the change -- Spaf hates finding bounced messages in his mailbox. Some of them don't even bounce -- they sort of dent and stick. If two consectutive Yucks mailings to you bounce, you'll probably be removed from the mailing list. Digests are numbered, so if you stop getting them, or see a missing issue number, check out the archives for what you missed.

You can add yourself (or someone else) to the Yucks mailing list by using the mail server. You can also delete yourself from the list the same way. You can contact the mail server at the address <>

Archived Yucks

Older archives are available:
Volume 0, Aug 1990 thru Dec 1990
This was the first distribution of odd things finding their way into Spaf's mailbox. Some of the files here got damaged a bit in storage (bit rot), but this only adds to their quaint charm.
Volume 1, Jan 1991 thru Dec 1991
More of the same, and the first year as an actual digest.
Volume 2, Jan 1992 thru Dec 1992
Volume 3, Jan 1993 thru Dec 1993
Volume 4, Jan 1994 thru Dec 1994
Volume 5, Jan 1995 thru Dec 1995
Volume 6, Jan 1996 thru Dec 1996
Volume 7, Jan 1997 thru Dec 1997
Volume 8, Jan 1998 thru Jan 1999
A keyword search using an Essence summary index will someday (I hope) be available.

Stephen C. Phillips has formatted some Yucks Digests so they are easier to read via the WWW. You can find them on his "unofficial" Yucks page.

Other Funny Stuff

Spaf also runs a list for odd WWW pages: web-heads.

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